The outdoor athletes club

Join the Jimme community today and dive into a range of outdoor sport classes. Whether you choose to sport together with fellow Jimme community members or opt for a personalised coaching experience, the adventure awaits.

Hold up… What on earth is Jimme? 

In a nutshell, Jimme is a matchmaker between sports seekers and trainers. Imagine Tinder for fitness but without the awkward first dates. 

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We have this nifty app where you can book training sessions at your favorite spots and times. Our subscription plans grant you access to various sports and qualified trainers. Sweating it out in a community class or rallying several friends for a private session –  as easy as ordering your go-to takeout.

Trainers, we've got you covered too! Manage your schedule, classes, and participants effortlessly with one app. We free you from admin hassles so you can focus on what you do best.

We're not your average fitness fling. 

Convenience & Flexibility 

Freely pick from an array of sports, trainers, locations, and times under one subscription. 

Engaging Workouts 

Instead of typical gym routines, let’s normalize the thrill of outdoor training. We're talking sunny parks and iconic city squares – the whole Amsterdam is your gym. Plus, get ready to share the joy with your Jimme fitness pals! 

Personal attention 

With a maximum of 8 people per group, we ensure you receive the personal attention needed for progress in your chosen sport. 

Our plans

We've got the perfect plan for individuals, small businesses, or large corporations.

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Save 31,2%


“Trainers at Jimme are helpful and caring. They really take the time to guide me through workouts and make sure I feel comfortable and motivated.” 


“I'm kinda new to this whole fitness thing, and Jimme made it super easy to dive in. With their budget-friendly subscription, I could test out different sports to see what suits me best. Plus, the community vibe made trying new things a lot less intimidating!"


“Jimme's flexibility is a lifesaver. The option to roll over credits and the range of sessions are just what I needed. Highly recommend for busy folks!"