Tuesday Yoga by Nina at Vondelpark with Jimme

Vondelpark (Kinderbadje), Amsterdam

In the past 4 years, yoga has taken on a significant role in my life.

Whereas I used to solely engage in high-intensity classes, yoga taught me to turn inward, soften, and slow down.

It helps me to get out of my head and into connection with my body. My goal is to combine Psychology & Yoga to cultivate overall awareness.

During our yoga practice, I invite you to consciously take this time for yourself.

Everything that occurs before and after the practice remains outside, and we focus on our inner world.

As we move, I invite you to sink deeper into your body, away from the busyness of the mind and in tune with your breath.

With a fluid and gentle flow, we create space in our body and mind, allowing tension to release and opening ourselves to the experience of the present moment.

I incorporate a combination of meditation, breathing techniques, and movements from a place of pure love.

Everyone possesses a certain life force, and through my classes, I aim to encourage you to further strengthen this and develop a greater awareness of your unique power.

The focus is not on performance, but on following the flow of your body and experiencing your own gentleness.

Preparing for your yoga class:

·  Please bring your own mat.

·  Bring some water with you.

·  Bring a jogging pants and/or a sweatshirt

This practice is your journey, and I am here to guide and support you.


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