Tuesday Outdoor Kickboxing at Westerpark by Jimme

At Polonceaukade, cross the bridge into Westerpark, and it'll be on your left.

About this Jimme workout

Welcome to Volker's kickboxing classes, held on Tuesday evenings at 19:00 at westerpark. Volker is an experienced and certified instructor who has been teaching for many years. He places a strong emphasis on technique and takes the time to clearly and thoroughly explain the various steps and exercises.

The kickboxing classes are part of the Jimme community classes, which are open to everyone. Regardless of your skill level, whether you're a beginner or more advanced, you are warmly welcomed to join. These classes offer both novice and experienced participants the opportunity to improve their skills and learn new techniques in a supportive and motivating environment. Come along and discover how fun and challenging kickboxing can be while being part of our vibrant community.

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