Thursday Kickboxing with Dillon at Museumplein with Jimme

Museumplein (park side) to the right of the entrance of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Welcome to Dillons (kick)boxing classes, held on Thursday evenings at 18:45 at Museumplein.

Hi there! My name is Dillon, I’m a semi-professional kick-boxer and sports enthusiasts.

Every Thursday I like to train with a group of friends at Museumplein.

If you’re an experienced (kick)boxer you are welcome to join.

If not, you can join other Jimme classes.

The training is “open” which means that there isn’t a teacher who focuses on your technical work.

If you’re looking for some technical help you can better join another Jimme class :)

What to bring:

- Bring your own gloves and a mouthpiece.

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