Personal Training - What’s in it for you?


Personal Training - What’s in it for you?

In the bustling heart of Amsterdam, our sports company, Jimme thrives on the mantra of fitness for all.

Whether you prefer one-on-one attention or the camaraderie of a group, we've got you covered. Today, we delve into the dynamic world of personal training sessions and uncovering their unique benefits to help you discover your path to fitness excellence..

Once and for all!

Personal Training: Tailored Excellence

Picture this: You, our expert trainer, and undivided attention on your goals.

Personal training sessions offer a bespoke fitness journey crafted exclusively for you. Here's why they're a game-changer:

Jimme Private personal training

Tailored to You

Your trainer designs workouts specifically for your fitness level, goals, and even your body type. No cookie-cutter routines here—just personalized excellence.

At Jimme, we offer a variety of Trainers to pick from, all have their own personal twist and expertise.

Interested in signing yourself up for a fitness journey you won’t regret?

Feel free to reach out and send us an email with your questions and preferences.

Technique Mastery 

With focused guidance, you'll perfect your form, preventing injuries and maximizing results. From squats to deadlifts, every movement is honed to perfection.

Poor technique is one of the greatest contributors for sports injuries, particularly overuse injuries.

If you’re unknowingly doing the wrong thing you could cause unnecessary or even irreversible consequences. 

Good technique, on the other hand, not only protects against injury, but it also enhances your performance and even leads to greater gains! Want to dive deeper?

Take a look at this useful article.

Accountability Partner

Your trainer isn't just there to count reps. They're your motivator, your cheerleader, and your number one.

This can seem a bit over the top, but if you’re prone to skip out on the workout because ‘life’ got in the way, or you feel a bit unmotivated then having a trainer can help you stay committed and inspired throughout your journey.

Stop making excuses, you know what they say…

Health really is wealth. Don’t be that person who puts off their own physical health for the fleeting pleasures life throws our way on the ‘one too many drinks’ night out. 

Want to know more benefits of having your own personal trainer?

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